A Quick History of Pets

4 Of The Most Used Custom Dog Collars

It is a sure fact that every pet lover out there only wants the best for their pet by giving it love and care. No doubt, you are feeding your pet with quality dog food and supply it with delectable treats. And for your pet to avoid boredom and dull moments, you certainly thought to buy some toys for it. Well, probably, you think that you have already given all the best for your four legged friend. But what if I tell you that you are still missing one important thing? This is very true due to the reason that your pet needs to have custom dog collars, which can enable you and others to identify it.

As a matter of fact, these collars are nearly the same with other dog collars that are being offered in various pet stores; the only difference is the fact that they are tailored to meet the needs of the clients. With these collars, it does not give your dog an appeal but it also dresses it up and let everyone know that you are its owner.

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Why Early Education Is Important: The Case for Mandatory Kindergarten in Urban Schools

The case for making Kindergarten mandatory in New York State has been hotly debated. Groups both for and against have made convincing arguments. However, I wanted to call your attention to some details that an insider can present. Think about this, 40 years ago Kindergarten was finger-paint and blocks and we all turned out okay. But Kindergarten is not like you remember. It’s Reading, ‘Riting and ‘Rithmetic. Seriously, what was the curriculum for First Grade, maybe even Second Grade, is now presented in Kindergarten.

Most schools expect Kindergarten children to be reading by January. For some children this is no problem. But what about the child who hadn’t picked up a book until he/she walked into the classroom in September? Before he/she can even begin to learn to read what is on the page, he/she has to be taught that when you pick up a book, the spine goes to the left; words go from top to bottom and left to right. Then, what about the alphabet? Are the words on the page just symbols to him/her? These children are already at a disadvantage.

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Sex Education Tips for Parents With Teens

Despite the stress on the importance of sex education among teens, a lot of parents still do not want to talk about them. Sex has always been considered taboo. However, you would not like for your kids to learn about it from other methods or even from other people.

The following tips may make it easier for you to talk about sex education:

Begin the education early. When is the best time to start discussing about it? As early as possible. Do not ever think that your children will find it icky or disgusting. In fact, it will increase the interest on the subject. As a parent, you would like that since they will more likely ask some questions, and you can gauge which aspects about sex they like to know more about. You also have to do the education at such a young age to avoid external factors such as the environment from molding their own beliefs about the subject.

Know what to talk about. Sex education is a very broad subject-it does not just cover anything about sexual intercourse-so you should know what to discuss with your teens. Normally you begin with the physiological and behavioral changes. For example, boys will gradually develop a more pronounced Adam’s apple and a very deep voice. The girls, on the other hand, will acquire bigger breasts and will start to menstruate. You may also want to discuss how boys and girls should interact with each other.

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